December 21, 2011 :  Lanika announces Reactis V2011.2 by Reactive Systems

The new Reactis features will improve your productivity and just maybe make your model debugging and testing activities a little more fun.

December 14, 2011 :  Free Access to Automatic System Identification with MiC – Modeling in the Cloud

MiC allows to identify free of charge a set of systems taken from various physical disciplines such as mechanics,electrics and others. Additionally, the Free Access to MiC provides downloading of identified systems as ready-to-use simulation models.

November 17, 2011 :  Lanika announces MiC -Modeling in the Cloud by ExpertControl

Interactive Wiki for Dynamic System

November 02, 2011 :  Lanika announces Maple Player for iPad by Maplesoft

Technology roadmap lays out future of Maplesoft technology on this platformTechnology roadmap lays out future of Maplesoft technology on this platform

September 16, 2011 :  MapleSim Drives Higher Fuel Efficiency in Cars

MapleSim™ Driveline Component Library now available

June 24, 2011 :  Reactis V2011 Now Available

The new version includes many new features and enhancements to both Reactis and the Reactis for C Plugin.

June 24, 2011 :  Latest MapleSim release opens new avenues for model development

New component libraries and enhanced modeling environment reduce development time for more applications

April 27, 2011 :  Lanika Solutions Announces Partnership with Reactive Systems

Lanika Solutions to Distribute Reactis in India

April 13, 2011 :  New version of Maple offers unprecedented levels of computational abilities and performance

Record-breaking solvers for differential equations one of many new advances in Maple 15

February 17, 2011 :  Lanika Solutions announce release of APEX 2010 V2R1 from Breault Research Organization (BRO)

APEX 2010 V2R1 Now Available! New Software Forms Foundation for CAD-Integrated Optical Design Software

January 07, 2011 :   Lanika Solutions Announces New version of Maplesoft’s and assessment tool

Maple T.A. 7 provides greater insight into student performance