Reactis V2017 Released

Lanika announces Reactis® V2017 and Reactis Model Inspector V2017 by Reactive Systems

Plots in HTML Reports, Test Point Range Checks, Enhanced Scopes, R2017a Support and other enhancements

Bangalore, INDIA, [July 10, 2017]: Lanika Solutions and Reactive Systems are pleased to announce the release of Reactis® V2017 and Reactis Model Inspector V2017. The new version includes support for MATLAB® R2017a, an ability to generate signal plots in HTML test execution reports, a facility to check that the values assigned to test points conform to a given constraint (e.g. a range), a number of scope enhancements (improved zooming, scrolling, and export to PNG), as well as a number of other new features and stability improvements.

When you select the Fast Run With Report entry of the Simulate menu in Reactis Simulator, Reactis generates an HTML report describing the results of executing your model on a given test suite. Prior to V2017, the report included details of any errors encountered during test execution, a description of any difference between the value computed by the model for an output or test point and the value stored in the test, and detailed coverage information. V2017 introduces the option to include signal plots for inputs, outputs, and test points as shown below. In the case of outputs and test points, both the values computed by the model and the values from the test are graphed. If the two plots diverge by more than the specified tolerance, then the divergence is highlighted in red. The report also now includes the model version and the tolerance for each outport and test point.

V2017 includes a number of improvements to scopes which may be opened during simulation in Reactis Simulator. As shown below, you can now zoom by simply dragging with the mouse to select a zoom region of the plot. A right-click causes the zoom to be undone. Holding down the control key and dragging lets you scroll through a plot. New buttons in the scope toolbar let you export the plot to a PNG or to copy it to the clipboard.

For details see the V2017 release notes.

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