December 13, 2010 :  Lanika Solutions Announces Freeware Versions of ecDIFF and ecSIM-Viewer by ExpertControl

Free Simulink® Differ and Model Viewer – More efficiency in model-based development with MATLAB® / Simulink®

December 08, 2010 :   Lanika Solutions Announces New Optical Design Software Released by Optical Engineering Firm Breault Research

ASAP 2010 V1R1 Now Available

November 10, 2010 :  Lanika Solutions and VSG is pleased to announce that Avizo 6.3 is now available for all platforms.

Avizo 6.3 brings several bug fixes, some improvements, a better support of CAE datasets, and support of a new file format.

October 29, 2010 :  MapleSim 4.5 offers Modelica import capabilities and an enhanced simulation engine

Models with discrete events can run over 100 times faster in MapleSim 4.5

October 29, 2010 :  Lanika Solutions and ExpertControl Announce Distribution Partnership

CAE Solutions for Feedback Control Design and Simulation Data Management available in Indian Sub-continent.

July 28, 2010 :  Lanika Solutions to Sell Sigma IOSO in India and SAARC Countries

Two leading software and engineering companies to promote IOSO design optimization software in India and SAARC Countries.

June 21, 2010 :  Lanika Solutions announce release of APEX Optical Software from Breault Research Organization (BRO)

APEX 2010 V1R1 Now Available! New Software Melds Computer-Aided Design and Optical Engineering

June 14, 2010 :  Lanika Solutions Announces Partnership with Lyrtech

Lanika Solutions Joins Lyrtech’s Distribution Network

June 01, 2010 :  Lanika Solutions and VSG announce new release of Avizo software for scientific & industrial data visualization & analysis

Avizo 6.2 brings many new features and enhancements in usability, performance and quality.

May 27, 2010 :  Lanika Solutions Announces Partnership With Visualization Sciences Group

Lanika Solutions Joins VSG’s Distributor Network

May 17, 2010 :  Advanced technology for design, modeling and high-performance simulation saves engineers time and effort

New releases of Maple and MapleSim now available

May 17, 2010 :  Products from Maplesoft introduce students to modern problem solving techniques

New releases of Maple and MapleSim now available

April 6, 2010 :  Lanika Solutions Announces Partnership With Maplesoft

Lanika Solutions Joins Maplesoft’s reseller Network

February 15, 2010 :  Lanika Solutions Signs with Breault Research Organization (BRO) as ASAP Software Distributor

Lanika Solutions Joins BRO’s Distributor Network