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MultiMech has advanced techniques for capturing manufacturing induced variances. In fact, there is no other commercial solver that is able to assign unique fiber properties to each element at the global scale. We are able to accurately model, short, long, curved, and mixed length chopped fiber microstructures.


MultiMech's advanced weave building technology lets you create complex 2D and 3D woven microstructures in a matter of seconds. Accurately model things like friction between tows, weave strengthening due to uncrimping, matrix cracking, and delamination. No other tool can offer the flexibility and accuracy of MultiMech.


MultiMech is able to model advanced ballistic impacts without the normal requirements of an exceedingly refined mesh. Different damage mechanisms can be assigned to the various constituents and contact between elements is a breeze. Let our advanced explicit solver help you solve some of the most complex modeling challenges out there.

Material Manufacturing

MultiMech allows users to rapidly test a wide variety of material combinations and see their constitutive properties. With just a few clicks, and an awareness of your desired material properties, you can virtually test hundreds of variations of a composite and see which one outputs the most ideal composite properties.


If you have a composite needs, odds are we can solve it. Our in-house expertise and extremely flexible architecture allows us to analyze nearly any continuum level material on this planet (and any others).

Variables we account for

Composite Types

  • Woven
  • Continuous
  • Chopped (Short, Long)
  • Particulates
Fiber Variability

  • Fiber Volume Fraction
  • Orientation
  • Length

Fiber and Matrix Properties

Injection Molding Orientation and Intensity Damage

  • Fiber breaks
  • Matrix cracking
  • Fiber-Matrix Deboning
  • Delamination

Woven and Braided Composites

Generate complex 2D and 3D Woven Microstructures in a matter of seconds. Model all types of damage mechanisms instantly.

Chopped Fiber Composites

Instantly factor the fiber orientation data into your design. Material properties can vary up to 40% depending the orientation and alignment of your fibers. MultiMech is the only tool that lets you accurately capture this variation, even for long and curved fibers.

Continuous Fiber

MultiMech has developed breakthrough techniques to model continuous fiber composites. The technology is especially useful for advanced composite parts like filament wound pressure vessels and pipes which posses numerous layers and orientations and undergo dynamic loads.

Other Section

If you can think of a composite, we can model it. Reach out to learn more.

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