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Current News:
Model Validation with Reactis at NISSAN GroupThe Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology uses Amira for axon tracing from head to toeUniversity of Glasgow uses Amira to analyze vascular structuresThe University of Washington uses Amira to help pathologists in pancreatic cancer diagnosesUZ Leuven uses Amira for postoperative evaluation of orthognathic patientsAMSC Research, LLC uses Amira to understand processes and rituals of Egyptian mummificationThe Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago uses Amira to visualize and analyze Egyptian mummified birdsFAMU uses Avizo to visualize and understand heat transfer and fluid flowKTH Royal Institute of Technology uses Avizo to visualize and characterize the internal structure of civil engineering materialsSIK-ISEA uses Avizo to understand 19th century painting techniquesUNILEVER uses Avizo to visualize and understand food and detergent structuresGEVES uses Avizo to study and control plant seedsL4iS uses Avizo to analyze 3D images from laser ablation tomographyBibliotheca Alexandrina uses Avizo to visualize and understand the Great Sphinx erosionThe University of Birmingham uses Avizo to explore the North Sea as it was 10,000 years agoDKRZ uses Avizo to visualize and understand weather and climateTaiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute uses Avizo for typhoon quantitative precipitation estimation and forecastKISTI uses Avizo to visualize and understand simulation data on VR systemsGeoTeric software for 3D seismic interpretation powered by Open InventorDinámica Gerencial Hospitalaria, web-based hospital information system (SYAC) powered by Open InventorEz3D-i, dental software for 3D diagnostic imaging (Ewoosoft) powered by Open InventorOPTIMAD selected Open Inventor as the core 3D visualization component for the CAMILO 3D-surface design tool for aerodynamic optimizationspontech selected Open Inventor 3D SDK to develop a new version of vertaplan planning software for spine treatmentFracSIS software for exploration and mining (RungePincockMinarco) powered by Open InventorMapping and surface modeling software (Petrosys) powered by Open InventorSeismic interpretation software (SeisWare) powered by Open InventorVirtX/virtusMED Computer-based training system ( Peter L. Reichertz Institute) powered by Open InventorFEA post-processing software for tire analysis (Michelin) powered by Open InventorIDASS digital autopsy software (iGene®) powered by Open InventorEPoffice integrated E&P software (LandOcean) powered by Open Inventor



June 28, 2018 :  Lanika announces Reactis® V2018 by Reactive Systems

Enhanced user-guided simulation, facility to include comments with excluded coverage targets

February 10, 2018 :  Lanika announces Reactis® for C V2018 by Reactive Systems

Tester Optimizations, Scope and Test Report Enhancements