Optional CATIA Module Add-On for ASAP

Use the optional CATIA(r) Module to open native CATIA V5 files from within ASAP and without a separate concurrent CATIA installation. The CATIA Module supports the direct import of CATIA V5 files from release versions r13-23. In addition, all ASAP users may now import STEP geometry files using the same convenient import utility.

Optional REMOTE Add-On for ASAP

A demonstration of the enhanced REMOTE functionality in ASAP, which offers enhanced distributed processing capability, improved file handling to and from machines, access to REMOTE from scripting, and new tools for quickly summing and averaging results.

Optional BIO Toolkit Add-On for ASAP

Highlights of features found in the BIO Toolkit add-on for ASAP, including extensive eye, skin, and tissue modeling capabilities. Watch an overview.

Optional Exterior Lighting Test Module (ELTM) Add-On for ASAP

Introducing SAE, ECE, and FMVSS testing performed with the optional Exterior Lighting Test Module (ELTM) for ASAP. Watch an overview.

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