Automated Testing and Validation

The V2015 release of Reactis included a new product the Reactis for EML Plugin which integrates with Reactis to offer white-box testing of the Embedded MATLAB (EML) portions of a model. When using the plugin, Reactis Tester will attempt to exercise targets in the EML code with the tests it generates and Reactis Simulator will offer a variety of ways to track coverage in the EML code of a model.

Note that if not using the Reactis for EML Plugin, you can still test models with EML code, but the EML portions of a model will be treated as block boxes. They will be executed but coverage within them will not be tracked or targeted by generated tests.

EML can be introduced into a model in several ways:


  • MATLAB Function block
  • Truth Table block


  • MATLAB functions
  • Truth Table functions with MATLAB language option

Note that a subset of the full Embedded MATLAB language is supported. To use models containing EML in Reactis, your model must only use the language subset supported by Reactis. Note that the same language restrictions apply no matter which of the four model constructs listed above are used to incorporate EML into your model. To avoid confusion we use the following abbreviations in the following discussion:

Embedded MATLAB (EML)

the subset of MATLAB supported by MathWorks for code generation.

Reactis Embedded MATLAB (REML)

the subset of EML supported by Reactis.

REML is under active development toward the ultimate goal of supporting a very large subset of EML.

Whether in white-box or black-box mode for EML, Reactis supports the same subset of EML.

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