December 19, 2013 :  Lanika announces Reactis V2013.2 by Reactive Systems

SThe release supports MATLAB® R2013b, Stateflow® charts containing Simulink® functions, other enhancements, and bug fixes.

December 17, 2013 :  New MapleSim release offers improved performance, flexibility

Enhancements to simulation engine include more support for Modelica

September 20, 2013 :  Maplesoft releases advanced hydraulics library for MapleSim

New add-on component library the result of a technology partnership with Modelon

May 8, 2013 :   Maple Global Optimization Toolbox offers greater problem-solving capabilities

New release powered by Optimus technology from Noesis Solutions

April 18, 2013 :  Faster, more flexible MapleSim offers increased support for advanced model development and analysis

Provides additional options for toolchain connectivity

March 14, 2013 :  Maple 17 Offers Advanced Solving and Application Development Capabilities

Includes over 400 new commands for mathematical, engineering, and scientific problem-solving

March 14, 2013 :  New Release of Maple Advances Teaching and Research

Focus on application development also supports The Möbius Project

March 11, 2013 :  Maplesoft introduces The Möbius Project for creating, sharing, and grading interactive math apps

Ground-breaking grading technology opens new avenues for assessment

March 06, 2013 :  Lanika Solutions announce release of APEX 2013 V1R1 from Breault Research Organization (BRO)

APEX 2013 V1R1; Now Perform Parametric Optical Studies in SolidWorks

February 05, 2013 :  New Maplesoft project for Toyota leverages symbolic computation in control systems engineering

Follows development of highly successful model simplification tools using Maplesoft technology

January 16, 2013 :  Maple T.A. Cloud facilitates new ways for content collaboration and sharing between users

New release includes question sharing and full support for adaptive testing